The GHJP is engaged in several policy and research projects that involve students, faculty, and domestic and international partners working on important global health justice issues in both academic and real-world settings.  
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Ending the Hepatitis C Epidemic 

This project addresses global efforts to extend treatment to millions with HCV, addressing obstacles to access and offers a comprehensive strategy for improving access to a new class of medicines for the disease, the directly acting antivirals (DAAs), in low- and middle-income countries and addressing these barriers.

This project addresses whether and how human rights norms and frameworks can be used to improve access to medicines (A2M) by reducing the barriers that intellectual property (IP) laws create. 

This project analyzes how U.S. Congressional aid for the elimination of obstetric fistula in sub-Saharan Africa can promote effective, sustainable, and local interventions.

This project assesses and advocates for policy and clinical interventions in the co-epidemics of silicosis, tuberculosis, and HIV among mine workers and former mine workers in South Africa and labor-sending countries.

This project, in conjunction with the Transnational Development Clinic at Yale Law School, addresses the U.N.'s legal and moral responsibility to apologize and provide legal remedies for victims of Haiti's cholera epidemic.