The Best Credit Cards

The Best Credit Cards in Dubai

In this modern era, credit card is common worldwide. Usually, people use credit cards for purchasing products and services. It also can use for transactions nationally and internationally. Before apply online credit card Dubai, you will need to know the types of credit cards used in Dubai. In this article, we will discuss the best premium credit cards Dubai.

ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum

You can apply for an ADIB cash back credit card with an average salary and minimum annual fee. Applying for platinum credit will not be difficult until you fulfill all the requirements and the bank verifies your credit rating. This card is not attractive as the other cards, but the 1% cash back feature encourages the credit card holders, which applies to all purchases nationally or internationally. 1% may not look like an enormous amount, but it will feel when you buy the ornaments, car, etc. If you want the discounts and freebies that other cards provide, this card is not for you.

Citi Ultima Emirates Credit Card

This card is one of the best premium credit cards in the UAE. The Citi Ultima Emirates credit card can be the ideal choice for any person’s wallet. This card is in a sleek charcoal grey color with 100% metal. To get this card fee is a minimum salary, and the yearly fee is the maximum for the credit card in Dubai. For a successful application, exceptional points are necessary. It may dishearten the other credit card holders. Some think Citi Ultima credit cards are worthy because their subsidies cover their costs. Suppose you love to travel on Emirates flights. In that case, it is good news that your Citibank credit card offers you a silver membership of skywards, which allows you to carry more luggage and gives access to Dubai Airport Emirates Louge.

Citi Simplicity Credit Card

 This credit card keeps your shopping fuss without any annual fee, late payment, or cash payment. In other words, you can avail the essential services of credit cards without worrying about the cost.

Therefore, Citibank’s well known for providing high credit scores. Getting a Citi credit card on the minimum salary is not difficult. You should keep in mind your credit card history length, credit mix, and payment history still matter. You get a 50% discount on your bill in restaurants in the UAE. 

Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card

Mashreq solitaire credit cards are the most elegant credit cards in Dubai. These credit cards offer numerous benefits and discounts. With this credit card, you can entertain with ridesharing discounts, dining discounts, airport lounge discounts, and many more.

With the 3.45 interest rate and 1500AED yearly fee, this credit is the best credit card because it offers a discount on many things compared to others worldwide.

SCB Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

You can get an SCB Manhattan Platinum Credit card with a minimum salary and yearly fee of 525 AED. This card is affordable and luxurious. This credit card offers discounts and benefits for all living. Its best and ideal feature is its loyalty program 360-degree rewards. Whenever you use this card in Dubai or worldwide, you get points on it. When your earning points increase, you get more discounts. This credit card cannot be good who want a discount on flight tickets, but you can get luxury hotels at a discount rate.