Top attractions in Las Vegas for under 25

The name of Las Vegas creates an impression of splendid ambiance, vibrant nights and never-ending party. If you want to experience such an intriguing culture, plan Las Vegas holidays. You can rent a car in Las Vegas under 25 so that you can be able to enjoy your trip in viewing various sites.

Attractions that you must look out for while arranging holidays to Las Vegas are:

Thrill Rides

If you want to add a unique experience to your book of excursion, don’t miss the thrill rides in the city. One of the most famous places to enjoy these rides is Adventuredome. This is an indoor theme park situated in the Circus Circus Hotel. It features around 25 rides. The Roller Coaster NY NY is another worth-mentioning thrill ride in Las Vegas. If you think you have the courage to bear the free fall from several meters, don’t miss out on sitting in this ride. Otherwise, you’d be missing a tinge of thrill in your Las Vegas city breaks. Another unique feature of this roller coaster is that it also hosts weddings. “Speed The Ride” is also among the top-notch thrill rides in the city. It is famous for its vertical loop which is 28 meters high.


Holidays in Las Vegas for young people means great nightlife experience. Every year millions of people plan holidays to Las Vegas especially to visit world-class clubs and bars and dine at sophisticated restaurants. If you are visiting Las Vegas only for strip shows, the best place is “Treasures.” This club is known for the best strippers in the city. One of the most unique clubs that you can visit while enjoying Las Vegas city breaks is Minus 5. This club has a temperature of -5 degrees which is enough to depict the coolness of the place. Look out for “best deals Las Vegas” on the internet and visit this bar to sip your signature drink in an ice glass. For a sophisticated dining experience, nothing can beat the Tabu Ultra Lounge.

Family Attractions

If you are enjoying holidays in Las Vegas with your friends, it’s obvious that you are not going to visit strip clubs. Las Vegas features a great variety of family attraction. The Lion King is one of the most important family attractions in the city. The show has everything that should be there in a complete family attraction. The show reenacts the animated movie lion king. The city is also home to one of the largest aquariums in Nevada which is known as Shark Reef. While walking around the aquarium, you can take a closer look at more than 12,000 species of marine creatures. Numerous young people take Las Vegas vacation packages especially to take a closer at sharks in the aquarium.

As seen above for any young person to enjoy his/her vacation he/she must rent a car in Las Vegas under 25.